Environmental Statement

Our exclusive supplier of printable wood products guarantees that all logs sourced for production are exclusively from renewable forests and plantations.

The majority of these plantations are privately owned in Karala, India. Since the early 1980’s our supplier has been working with owners of land generally comprising 2-3 acres to establish plantations which gives our supplier access to locally farmed wood and gives the land owners a source of income.

A major focus of the growing program is ensuring that appropriate education is provided to the landowners to ensure that their forestry practices are sustainable.

When wood species that aren’t locally grown are used they are exclusively sourced from renewable plantations.

The manufacturing plant runs on at least 60% solar energy.

No bleach or chemicals are used during production. Nothing is used to alter the composition, colour or appearance of the wood.

The adhesives used to adhere the wood ply’s together in production are biodegradable and therefore are free from formaldehyde and other dangerous chemicals. All adhesives are emission free.

The production facility does not have any smoke or flew gas emissions including no emissions of methane gas whatsoever and there is never any burning of any kind.

No water is used through production and so there is no opportunity for contaminated water outflow.

At this stage we have made a calculated decision not to achieve FSC certification for the product. While we believe that our product exceeds all the required standards, we have taken a decision not to furnish the cost of certification. Should your organisation require certification, be in touch so we can discuss your options.

Please contact us should further information be required or to discuss the availability of FSC certified products.