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our story

Since 2012 Print on Wood has been supplying printed wood products to the Australian market.

Originally our focus was on printed business cards and invitations made from sustainably sourced wood made to feel like high quality paper products. As the years have passed, our offering has vastly expanded including new production techniques and product ranges to meet market demands.

We’re adventurers at heart and our clients love our service oriented and collaborative approach. We love working with people, and seek out relationships with individuals and organisations that share our appreciation of unique design.

We have developed our production techniques and machinery to support our vision that product should only be limited by our clients imagination. Surprising, with an evolved aesthetic sensibility and passion for the potential of our products, Print on Wood has the nous and nature to produce uplifting artworks and collateral. We’re always learning and exploring in order to help our clients and customers understand the versatility of and applications for our products. 

Design craftspeople at heart, finish matters as much to us as it does to you.


core principles

*We’ll help you wow the world with design ingenuity and timeless artistry. 

*We are reliable, creative and exacting.

*We’re 100% service oriented -
Our customers consider Print on Wood an extension of themselves. 

*We love design and we understand our product.
As collaborators who share your vision, Print on Wood is peerless. 

*We are only limited by the requirements of our clients.
We will continuously develop to meet clients requirements.

*Our professional yet playful approach will refresh and surprise. 



We forge fruitful collaborative relationships with select printers, design agencies, event planners and graphic artists. 

If you’re a printer looking to print on wood, we also sell wholesale blank sheets of print ready wood stock and provide extensive support to ensure that you achieve the highest results for your clients. 



Our environmental strategy has two primary focuses.

Machinery and production processes

Digital manufacture techniques allow us to reduce wastage and optimise production by using lean manufacture principles which reduce or eliminate production defects and the need for excessive wastage allowances. In simple terms, our processes allow us to develop products on-screen that translate directly onto production machines without the need for additional tooling, chemical input or excessive routine wastage in setup (as is normal in the print industry).

We work with industry leading machines supplied by manufacturers who focus on ensuring that their machines are as environmentally friendly as possible - this includes machines that do not have excessive energy requirements and wherever chemicals are used, those chemicals are developed to be as environmentally conscious as possible. We can’t print without ink and so chemicals will always be a part of the print process but we do choose to only work with manufacturers who develop their inks with environmental considerations front of mind.

Material selection

Before we commence working with a product we look into its “manufacture story” carefully as we consider it acutely important to understand where the products we work with come from and how they are made. We simply don’t purchase product unless we’re satisfied that it would meet our eco standards.

Some of our product comes from supply chains that have environmental certificates but many of our products do not as, frankly, we have some pretty specific and unusual requirements and certificates generally only make financial sense when products are mass-manufactured for industries like the construction industry.

Our range includes products that are grown and manufactured overseas, as well as product that is grown in Australia and manufactured overseas, as well as product that is grown in Australia and manufactured in Australia.

When our clients have specific requirements on type of wood or manufacture origins, we work with them to meet those requirements. If you’d like more information on where the products suitable for your projects come from or why we deem them suitable for our range, please get in touch and we’ll happily explain the specifics to you.