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Lasers, printers
and people that care.
Oh my.

Like so many start ups, Print on Wood started its life with an idea,
a garage and a whole bunch of hustle.

We began as a one-man-band working out of a garage of the leafy suburbs of Melbourne in 2013, establishing ourselves as the first business in Australia creating environmentally sustainable timber business cards.

This idea was a quick hit and since then the business has since grown from garage side-hustle 
into a passionate team, working on a wide range of woods and paper-alternative products 
for a wide range of markets.

We’re passionate about the future of paper alternatives in Australia and we believe 
in order to stand out you have to approach things differently. 

We love that we can create products that you can’t get anywhere else and we are driven by
 seeing our clients and ideas succeed - whether an event, rebrand, new product etc, the finished product and your outcomes mean as much to us as they do to you.

All products are produced by us with love in our workshop in Cheltenham, Vic.

Visitors to our workshop are always welcome (and encouraged!) - just contact us first so we can brush the wood shavings off and be presentable :)