+ What’s your Average Turn Around time?

On most orders, once we have received final proof approval and payment, we aim to complete and ship orders within 3-5 business days. We ship via the fastest method available which is usually overnight to inner metro areas. Larger orders can naturally take longer and rush orders are generally possible. If you’re working to a deadline, contact us!

+ What’s your maximum size?

Generally we’re constrained by the size of the material we can source rather than the limitations of our equipment. You’ll find information on maximum sizes contained throughout our “materials” and “what we do” pages.

In-house, our printer can print up to 1200x2400mm and our laser cut can cut to 980x600mm. We love large scale projects so talk to us about what you’re thinking and we’ll work through how we can help.

+ Do you have minimum quantities?

We don’t, but we do have minimum spend requirements depending on the nature of your product. While we are short-run specialists, some of our products are more suited to small quantity orders than others.

As a general rule of thumb, the more items in your order, the lower your unit price will be. But each product has its own rules and requirements so best to get in touch to find out more

+ Do you have a minimum font size or detail limitations?

Printing onto wood does not mean compromising on the result. Our materials may be rustic, but our processes certainly aren’t. We aim for perfection in production and only work with production equipment that supports that vision.

We aim to only accept practical limitations which have nothing to do with the materials we print on. All of our processes are built to compare to regular printing and our general advice is “if you can read it we can print it”.

So while printing size 5 font is absolutely fine if that’s what makes you happy, keep in mind that anyone without perfect vision is going to struggle to read it - not because it’s printed on wood but rather because the font is so damn small.

It should be considered that some wood products have very predominant grain structures and these textures can be distracting; especially when printing fine type. We always recommend that you consider which wood type you’ll be printing on before you start the design process.

+ What are your artwork requirements?

If you’re technically minded, think of us like a regular digital printer.

We require files to be supplied as PDF documents. Vector graphics are preferred whenever possible and if not, anything over 300dpi is perfect. We need them setup in CMYK with 3mm bleed. All graphics or linked files should be embedded and all fonts should be converted to outlines. If it’s easier, supply packaged files rather than flattened files. Crop marks, bleed marks and printers marks aren’t necessary but you are most welcome to supply with those marks in place.

Please ensure that you maintain a text free area of at least 3mm (although we recommend 5mm generally).

We don’t ever hit print without supplying a final proof and checking your artwork thoroughly both for technical problems and practical issues too. If we’re concerned, you’ll know about it.

+ What if i don’t understand file supply and i’m not working with a designer?

While it’d be great if all of our clients could supply files ready to go or that you work with a designer of your choosing, for many of our clients that’s just not realistic.

We have a range of options from recommending DIY options that’ll meet technical standards (without you needing to do a degree in graphic design), to pragmatic design products (if you can tell us exactly what you want, we’re happy to create that) through to complete design packages. If design isn’t your strong suit, get in touch and we’ll see how we can help.

+ Can I use white ink?

We can print white ink on all of our products. However, some products are more susceptible to white ink than others. For example, printing white ink onto our signature range (standard business cards / invitations) is a whole lot harder than printing white onto our thicker products and that’s reflected in our prices.

White ink is not a standard inclusion on all products. Make sure you read the product descriptions carefully and if it’s not included but is important to you, talk to us.

+ Can I print with full colour all over the wood?

You sure can. All of our in-house print processes are full colour processes so photography can work just as well as typography.

Aside from for artwork and photography products we generally recommend against printing all over one side as covering the wood entirely can often detract from the overall impact of the product. If you’re thinking about a full-coverage design, think about talking to us first.

+ Can i order samples?

We can provide a digital sample free of charge by mocking up your design on a high resolution wood template. This is a really great way to get a feel for how your design could look on wood. Digital proofs are never perfect as different screens will display colours differently.

If you’d like to see and feel the wood, send us an email with your wood preferences and mailing address and we’ll mail out some generic samples free of charge. These are selected from works we’ve previously completed and are designed to show you what you can expect. They will not be of your artwork.

We can print off a physical sample but due to the costs associated we generally recommend against it for smaller orders. On larger orders, we often including a sample in our production process.

+ How consistent are your products?

All of our wood products are naturally inconsistent. Throughout a batch of product you can generally expect the base-colour of the wood to vary and you can expect that each piece will have different grain patterns. This is totally out of our control as no matter how hard we try, we just can’t convince trees to grow consistently.

If you’re worried about consistency, get in touch as some materials are more consistent than others.

Because the colour of the wood can change throughout a batch, the colour of the ink being printed can also change to some extent - each colour will be susceptible to different types of change and if we’re worried that your selected colours may change more than is reasonable, we’ll discuss is before we print. If you’re worried about this, please talk to us.

+ Can you print PMS Colours?

Generally no (unless we employ some special print techniques that most jobs don’t call for). PMS colours, simply put, do not exist in digital printing. However, we do focus on ensuring that we can achieve as close as possible a CMYK match to your intended colour and we are extremely successful and replicating brand colours and meeting even the most stringent requirements.

Should colour matching be a concern, talk to us.