Paperthin Business Cards 90x55mm

Paperthin Business Cards 90x55mm

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The original. Where it all began.
The first and only timber with the thickness of traditional paper.

Similar in feel to a 300-350gsm paper, our 0.45mm Paperthin printable wood
is the most economical way to deliver the wow factor of real printed wood.
Common reacts to paperthin business cards include: GOSH. OMG. WANT.
Looks like wood, feels like wood, smells like wood because… It is wood.

Available in Birch, Mahogany & Cherry. View Timber colour swatches
Production time approximately 3 days + delivery.
Pricing includes gst, digital proof, & free delivery within Australia.
You can send any production notes with your order

For a more rigid solution, consider 0.6mm Classic Paperthin.
Or for seriously boss grades of thicker wood try our
Signature range.
If you are imagining something that we don’t show here, please email, call or send trained carrier pigeon. We wood love to hear from you (puns!).

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Single or Double Sided:
Rounded Corners:
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