Wood has a low carbon footprint, requires little energy to produce, is biodegradable, recyclable, sustainable and Doesn’t require the harmful chemicals traditionally used to make paper.

Wood is a naturally beautiful product and every piece is completely unique. Just like you.

why wood

For thousands of years wood has been one of the world’s most sustainable materials and the less it is treated, the better. Supporting plantations and turning trees into an economic unit means we are supporting the continued plantation of new trees and the growth of worldwide tree cover.

Whichever way you slice it, wood is more sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable than manufacturing a computer, tablet or phone, or making and distributing a document through them.. (We’re aware of the irony that we’re telling you that on a computer!). Wood is a store of carbon instead of a contributor to carbon emissions and printing on to wood requires less energy, chemicals and carbon than the creation of paper and less waste than traditional printing.

Material Selection

Before we commence working with a product we always look into its “manufacture story” carefully as we consider it vital to understand where the products we work with come from and how they are made. We simply don’t purchase product unless we’re satisfied that it would meet our environmental standards.

Some of our product comes from supply chains that have environmental certificates and of which don’t. Those that don’t aren’t evaluated against alternatives to find which has the best net environmental impact. We are continuously improving our procurement of materials and if there is a better more sustainable product or certified product available, we will always use it, even if it is more expensive. Because we only get one shot at looking after this big old rock we call home.

Our range includes a mixture of products that are
* Grown and manufactured overseas
* Grown in Australia and manufactured overseas
* Grown in Australia and manufactured in Australia (that one’s our favourite!)

When our clients have specific requirements on type of wood or manufacture origins, we’re always too happy to work with you to meet those requirements. If you’d like more information on what product’s environmental profile is most suitable for your project, holler out. We’re all about finding the Cinderella to fit your glass slipper and make your project sing with the right materials and environmental story.

production & MACHINERY

Digital manufacture techniques allow us to miminmise wastage and optimise production by using lean manufacture principles which reduce or eliminate production defects and the need for excessive wastage allowances. In simple terms, our processes allow us to develop products on-screen that translate directly onto production machines without the need for additional tooling, chemical input or routine wastage in setup as is common in the traditional print industry.
Cutting with low-energy lasers and routers reduces the steel used in creating conventional cutting forms.

We work with industry leading machinery supplied by manufacturers who focus on ensuring that their machines are as environmentally friendly as possible - this includes machines that do not have excessive energy requirements and wherever chemicals are used, those chemicals are developed to be as environmentally conscious as possible. We can’t print without ink (well… we can laser etch…!) so chemicals will always be a part of the print process (even when using soy based inks etc) but we do choose to only work with manufacturers who develop their inks with environmental considerations front of mind.

Waste Reduction

In addition to selecting smart equipment and production techniques to minimise waste, we are continuously improving our waste reduction techniques, as it is more sustainable, efficient and cost effective for us, our clients and the environment. We are repurposing woods through our initiaitve The Lumber Yard where you can source pieces of wood for projects from us and our suppliers that otherwise would have been gathering dust or going to waste.

Any eco or material questions queries or quandries? Get in touch.